Writing Tips and Techniques for Your College Essay

Writing Tips

Your essay is a chance to show the admissions committee who you are beyond your grades and test scores. They want to see your passion, leadership, resilience, creativity, inclusivity, and unique outlook on life in the way only you can.

A standout essay is bold from the start buy essays and captures the reader’s attention right away. It also sticks to a strict word count (usually about 650 words) and has a strong dramatic arc.

1.     Don’t overthink it

Trying too hard to be clever or witty in your essay can make it seem forced and contrived. A college admissions officer reads thousands of applications every year, and it’s easy for them to pick out an essay that seems cliche or overdone.


A common mistake is trying to be too metaphorical in the essay, which often comes across as awkward. Students might try to write an essay about fly fishing or their family’s dining table as if it were a profound, life-changing experience, but that’s not always the best approach. Instead, try writing about something more tangential that reveals your personality, like a hobby or quirk.

Another mistake is focusing on too many aspects of the topic in the essay. For example, if your college essay is about a trip you took, don’t spend six paragraphs describing the places you went and what you saw. The admissions officers want to hear more about how the trip changed you and how it will affect your future plans.

2.     Start early

The college essay takes multiple drafts to write well. Applicants should not feel afraid to start early and write several versions of the essay because this helps cheap essay writing services find the strongest parts of it. Writing multiple drafts allows the applicant to edit and rewrite it until they are satisfied with their final product.

When writing your essay, remember that admissions officers have already read the other submission materials in your application, such as grades and scholarly accomplishments. In the essay, you want to tell a story they won’t be able to learn about anywhere else in your application.

Be genuine in your essay and talk about something that genuinely interests you. This will help you stand out from other applicants who might use their essays as an opportunity to brag about themselves. The committee wants to understand who you are as a person. The best way to do that is through your essay.

3.     Be specific

Regardless of your topic, it is important to be specific. Avoid using vague language and keep the reader engaged by writing about vivid, detailed experiences unique to you.

This is a great way to show your readers who you are. By telling a story about yourself that is uniquely yours, it gives admissions officers an insight into your character that can’t be found in standardized test scores and academic transcripts.


Also, remember to write in a personal tone that is confident without being braggy. You only have a few hundred words to leave an impression on the admissions committee and must use your time wisely. Admissions counselors are looking for value adders, such as students with energy, resilience, leadership, inclusivity, and a unique outlook. Your essay is the perfect place to highlight these traits.

4.     Don’t forget the conclusion

The conclusion of your essay is a chance for you to take the themes and ideas you explored throughout the essay to the next level. A great way to do this is by revisiting the “bookend” or key term with which you started your essay.

For example, if you wrote an essay exploring the American perception of Vietnamese civilians as agents of the Vietcong, you might end with a sentence that questions whether this perception is valid and if it has any culpability.

Finally, best custom essay writing service section is also a great place to put a bit of humor into your essay. However, this should be carefully crafted and not deviate from the essay’s overall tone. It is also a good idea to try and have a friend or family member read your essay’s conclusion to make sure that it doesn’t sound too cheesy or overdone.

Writing Tips and Techniques for Your College Essay
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